48-Hour Notice:
Be sure to complete and return the 48-hour notice FAX that is included with the certified Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Plans.

Pre-Construction Meeting:
We advise that you schedule a pre-construction meeting with the District to review the particular requirements of the certified plan. A copy of the certified plan is required to be on site at all times.

Plan Changes:

Site changes to the grading, stormwater management, and landscaping plan must be reported to the District. Certain alterations may require that the Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Plan be re-certified.


• The sediment control measures must be installed prior to stripping the site.
• The detention basin must be completely constructed and stabilized prior to any other substantial site work.   NOTE: The basin seed mixture may differ from what is required for the rest of the site.
• Topsoil must be temporarily stabilized.
• Maintain inlet protection, silt fence, tracking pads, and keep the streets clean – especially when home owners   have moved into the development.
• Driveways must be stoned or paved.
• Critical areas (diversions, waterways, steep slopes, and soil disturbances near wetlands and existing homes)  must be temporarily or permanently stabilized immediately after grading.
• Areas to be seeded must have a minimum of 5 inches of topsoil free of stones 2 inches or greater in any dimension.
• Application rates for lime and fertilizer are stipulated on the plan for your particular soil type unless a soil test dictates otherwise. The bags are collected by the District to ensure compliance.
• The seed mix and rates for various land uses are found on the plan. The bags and tags are also collected prior to issuance of a Report of Compliance.
•Hydromulching is acceptable during the seeding seasons and only on ground with a slope of less than 3%.   Tacked straw mulch applied at a rate of 1.5 – 2 tons per acre is required at all other times.


Violation Notice
A Violation Notice is issued when a violation of the Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Plan has not been corrected after verbal notification. The deficiencies are itemized and a time frame is given to correct the deficiencies.

Stop Work Order:

A Stop Work Order is issued if the deficiencies of the Violation Notice are not corrected by the date indicated. The only work allowed will be that which addresses those deficiencies. Chapter 251 4:24-53 provides for substantial penalties and injunctive relief for violations of this enforcement procedure.

The District has produced a variety of resource management Tip-Sheets that may be helpful: Establishing Wildflowers, Turfgrass & Conservation Cultivars, Woodland Management, and Stream Corridor Maintenance.
The District also offers an annual spring course, Tree Care on Construction Sites, that may benefit you and the trees on your site.


A Report of Compliance is required from the District before a Certificate of Occupancy can be issued by the municipal construction code official and in some cases before Bond Money can be released. The District should be notified three days prior to the desired inspection date.

Conditional Report of Compliance:

A Conditional Report of Compliance is issued during the time of the year in which a lot or a project cannot be permanently stabilized. The disturbed areas must be final graded and temporarily stabilized according to the Certified Plan, and a date is set to complete permanent stabilization (usually by the end of the subsequent optimal seedling season).

Final Report of Compliance:

A Report of Compliance for an individual lot is issued when permanent stabilization has been completed and the rest of the project is in compliance with the certified plan. The whole site must be permanently stabilized for a project’s Final Report of Compliance.